26W-8861T +18W-8531G + D2905-9900 3way Passive Crossover Design

Passive Crossover Design for 26W8861T + 18W8531G + D29059900

3way crossover design for Scanspeak 26W/8861T 10″ Revelator, 18W/8531G 7″  Midwoofer and the D2905-9900 Tweeter

Anechoic design (flat response)

Woofer: 2.5 cubic foot, single straight vent 3″ x 3″ length.

Midrange: 0.25 cu. ft. sealed

Additional Notes: Crossover points about 300 Hz and 3.8 kHz. Nominal output ~ 87-88 dB. Two large value hi-pass caps. Significant padding in hi-pass circuit. -0- resistor value indicates optional padding to taste.  Note the woofer is in reverse polarity relative to the mid and tweeter.