FW305+15M4624G+XT25BG60 3way Crossover Design

FW305+15M4624G+XT25BG60 3way Crossover Design crossover “points” at about 400 Hz/ 1.9 kHz/ 3kHz

This design uses the Fostex 12″ woofer in 3.0 cf3 vented with two ports each 3″ x5″, add 1″ if using double flared. Scanspeak 15m midrange in 0.1 cf3 sealed. The tweeter is a high output Ring Radiator with phase plug. Two large caps on tweeter hi pass and one large midrange cap. 3.0 mH is your series inductor. System impedance mostly 5- 6 ohm in the midband. System output 91 dB+.

SB42 x2 + C173N-T6-90 + T500AMKII dual 15″ 3way Passive Crossover Design

SB42 x2 + C173N-T6-90 + T500AMKii 3way Passive Crossover Design

Crossover Design for two SB42 15″ woofers + Accuton C173N-T6-90 + Fostex T500AMKii 3way

Woofers: 10.0 cubic foot vented, two straight ports each 4″ x 3″.

Note: Woofer in reverse polarity. Clean network for complex 3-way. Large value midrange cap.