H1288 + H1216 + H0737 3way Passive Crossover Design

Passive Crossover Design for H1288 + H1216 + H0737 3way

Crossover design for Seas H1288 woofer, H1216 midbass, and H0737 tweeter (3way configuration)

Anechoic (flat response).

Woofer: 2.8 cubic foot vented with single straight vent 3″ x 6″ length.

Midrange: 0.2 cubic foot sealed.

Additional Notes: Crossover points about 300 Hz and 4.0 kHz. Nominal output ~ 88 dB. Two hi-pass caps and large value midrange cap. Significant padding in hi-pass circuit. Note the woofer is in reverse polarity relative to the mid and tweeter.