SB42 x2 + C173N-T6-90 + T500AMKII dual 15″ 3way Passive Crossover Design

SB42 x2 + C173N-T6-90 + T500AMKii 3way Passive Crossover Design

Crossover Design for two SB42 15″ woofers + Accuton C173N-T6-90 + Fostex T500AMKii 3way

Woofers: 10.0 cubic foot vented, two straight ports each 4″ x 3″.

Note: Woofer in reverse polarity. Clean network for complex 3-way. Large value midrange cap.


CAW638 x2 + EM1308 + ET338 3way Passive Crossover Design

CAW638 x2 + EM1308 + ET338 Passive Crossover Design

3way Crossover Design for two CAW638 woofers, EM1308 dome Midrange, and ET338 Tweeter.

Woofers: 1.2 cubic foot sealed

Additional Notes:  Single hi-pass and single midrange cap. Significant padding in hi-pass circuit.  Note the woofer AND midrange are in reverse polarity relative to the mid and tweeter.