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  • BK12 Modification

    I built some BK12's over the winter and really like them. One thing that didn't turn out so great was the finish on the Baltic birch. Lots of splotches after staining. I'd like like to match the cherry entertainment center they are next to. I've recently upped my wood working game and I have some 1/2 cherry plywood left over from another project. I think I could cover the left, right and top with this material and have a nice mitered joint on the top. The front us currently covered with a grill and that would stay the same, except I would fab a new grill that was a little bit bigger.

    I have a co-worker that is an expert wood worker and he can help me with the details. This idea is predicated on the box being square and true.

    My question to the group is pretty easy: Is this a good idea or am I just asking for trouble?