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    Need Some Advice

    Greetings everyone here's a pic of my living room. Currently I have a Samsung 65in TV mounted over my fireplace and underneath it is a
    Definitive Technology SoloCinema Studio Soundbar. The problem I'm having is on programs where the person is speaking in a soft dialog
    I can't hear what they're saying. I've had this issue on going for some time thinking it was the cable box. I used to have TWC and then switched over
    to Directv and the issue was still there so I've now switched over to U-Verse and still the dame issue. If I turn up the volume to 20-25. I can hear the program but it never fails I'll miss what the person is saying if they aren't speaking loud. I have to either get within a 6in of the bar or run upstairs to my master bedroom and watch the program there where I can hear them clear as a bell. My master-bedroom has a 48in tv wall mounted with a Klispch soundbar. I'm sure it's because of the size of the living room.

    With that said I'm looking to upgrade my Def tech sound bar. I'd like to get some suggestions from you guys if I could on a soundbar that
    has clear dialog for a room this size. Currently I'm looking at the Martin-Logan Vision X the Martin Logan Cadence, The Paradigm PW Soundbar and the Paradigm Soundscape. I'd like to hear from some of those users and if someone else has a better unit I'm open to that as well. I don't mind spending the money but I want to make sure the unit will accomodate a room this size with clear dialog that I can hear.
    Please Help.
    Thanks !

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    I can certainly relate with you on soft dialogue, I have problems with that even on my high quality 5 1/4" MTM's. Sometimes I've even noticed it at movie theaters that have decent sound systems. About the only thing I could think of is look at the over all SPL of the speaker, the higher it is, the less power it takes and possibly more sensitive. Martin Logan look to be a nice choice. Something you might consider, is going to RMAF (Rocky Mountain Audio Fest) in Denver. Just about anything and everything pertaining to to high quality sound is there. Factory/Sales Reps on hand to answer question etc. it is quite the show.

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    I have always had that problem with movies at home, regardless of the sound system. Too many years of listening to loud music I guess. My fix is my little black box. It has two high pass filters, a stereo pot, and an on off switch. It's hooked up to two Eton 26HD3 tweeters that are set up behind my main speakers, and they are connected to my main speaker posts for power. They point straight up and make all dialoge crystal clear. My wife is amazed, and I am too.

    With a sound bar I'd try using a piezo tweet. They are so harsh that even when reflected add the edge needed to sort all sounds out.

    Before I came up with this solution, I had settled on two ready made solutions: the SONOS PLAYBAR, so I could add two of their small speakers behind our sofa; or a pair of self powered KEF LS50's with the wireless self powered option. The LS 50's were just killer sound, but my ulti,ate solution was less expensive.

    Good Luck!

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