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Thread: High QTC okay if it's below subwoofer crossover?

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    High QTC okay if it's below subwoofer crossover?

    Hi all,

    I'm considering different designs and seem to be stuck on an MTM sealed. Between some options I've come up with, one is big with a 8" pair crossed over with a tweeter design to be crossed low (I'm estimating around 1500-1800hz for driver spacing to not be as big an issue). The drivers I found have a large VAS and as such I also calculated a large QTC, 0.92, with an F3 that's under 80hz-- I want to cross this over to the subwoofer at 80hz. I plan on using madisound for designing the crossover network. I brought the qtc up only because I didn't want such a huge enclosure.

    Woofer specs: (Seas prestige 8" CA22RNX)
    Fs 29
    Qes 0.52
    Qms 2.04
    Qts 0.41
    Vas 97

    My question is, does a high QTC matter if it's below the crossover point and won't be used by the woofer? In boxsim, I see a decent graph plot (this is without a cross over, woofers in parallel) with enclosure parameters set:

    I have some other designs I'm pondering (such as twin 7" with considerably lower vas, and a two-way 8" with just one of these woofers), but really like the idea of this giant mtm.
    Advice appreciated

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    If your having Madisound design the x-over, they could probably answer your questions as well in the process..

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    I'll see if I they can answer this, I was directed by Adam from Madisound to start the LEAP with a known baffle size (which I need to figure out the enclosure dimensions first to know this). After more work, I decided on a smaller MTM (CA18RLY) with similar sized enclosure as a single 8".

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