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Thread: Audio Amplifier I Made Cannot Operate

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    Audio Amplifier I Made Cannot Operate

    I am making an audio amplifier using TDA7294V which produced by STMicroelectronics. I have patched up it but it doesnít work at all.
    In the following circuit diagram:
    The datasheet of TDA7294V:
    TDA7294 is configured to provide 100W output power into an 8Ohm loudspeaker at +/-38V supply. The principle when I made it is given below:
    1).the supply voltage is between +/-10V and +/-40V DC.
    2)The load is as an 150W speaker.
    3) The Frequency response is 20Hz to 20KHz.
    4) The power supply has been well filtered.
    I have reviewed the components and all the signals at the individual pins.They are all correct while just there has no any output signal at pin 14. I canít understand what could be the problem.

    Please do give me some help !
    Appreciate it a lot !
    Thanks ! !

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    Hi, can you please give more information so that we can try...

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