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Thread: Mini-PA speakers

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    Mini-PA speakers


    I was redirected to here by a buddy of mine, Called Richard. He told me I could come here to ask for some advice and help on
    getting my ideas into reality.

    Last time, when I wanted to play music at school, my 30Watt speakers didn't quite cut it, obviously. I have an iNuke as a power amp, however. It's the 3000DSP model.

    I have some money to spare, and I'm looking to buy a pair of woofers, midranges, and horns/good tweeters by Dayton or other brands available on

    I don't care tooo much about size, as long as they're no taller than 50-80cm, and no wider than they have to be. Depth isn't that much of an issue.

    WHat I'm looking at achieving: Moderate to okay-loud volumes on the cheap. Difficult box designs aren't a problem as long as there's someone to help me out with the calculations.
    80-ish watts seems cool; but more is appreciated.

    Bass needs to be balanced to loud, with kids these days 'y know. 40-50hz as a low knee is fine, as small woofers won't go much deeper while maintaining an acceptable excursion anyway.

    These were the woofers I had in mind:
    Do I need midranges? I don't know.

    These look like some nice tweeters:
    Airmotion transformers:
    This one I'm hesitant about.
    And as a last, more expensive resort:
    conventional style domeys:

    At last: I don't mind there being small dips in frequency response. They're not home theatre speakers that need to be crystal clear etc.

    I hope y'all can help me out choosing some drivers and what to do for a design.
    Ps: Slot ported boxes turn me on.


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    Hello Anna, I would like to suggest you check here I think you will find here all your requirements about speaker and tweeters. Even you can ask them for customization if you need.

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