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Thread: ZRT: Baffle chamfer woes

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    Question ZRT: Baffle chamfer woes

    I'm progressing with my ZRT 2.5 sealed build, and am completing the baffles, which are two 18mm MDF panels sandwiched together. Unfortunately, I can't get large enough chamfer bits for my 1/4" el-cheapo router, so I can't chamfer completely through 18mm, only about 12mm. The front panel chamfer looks good, but when combined with the back panel, the chamfer is not smooth, more like a stairwell cut.

    Am looking for advice, I can either redo the rear panel in 12mm MDF or plywood, which would allow me a proper chamfer, or I can try to smooth out with putty. I could also just leave it as is, or just go about with a wood rasp. Would it make any audible difference?

    My chamfer looks like this chamfer.jpg (Picture shamefully copied from

    Actual pictures: DSCF0184.jpg and DSCF0185.jpg

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    To be honest I would chamfer the back board. Then attach the second board and flush cut it with a flushing bit.

    If your end result looks like your diagram is probably fine. I think the objective was to get rid of any induced mechanical noise from a sharp edge.

    If you want something that's exactly to plan, drop me a private email and I'll spec it out for you.

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