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Thread: Help! can't find the make. Also need some advice

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    Help! can't find the make. Also need some advice

    I don't have much experience in this but I will give it a whirl. I decided to take in a pair of speakers off the nature strip two weeks ago. First thing I look for is the condition of the vinyl, (dark-brown oak vinyl) which was pealing badly which I later removed. The second would be the integrity of the particle-board, Good, needs to be filled and sanded. Thirdly, the make... could not find anything like that. Now I know what to buy for a custom re-build of new drivers, screws, carpet... but back to the point, like some input as too what company built these speakers and what unit they belong to. They fit 2x 12"inch, 1x midrange woofer (top) and 2x 2"inch tweeters (right). All drivers are 8 OHM. One speaker has the same looking drivers while the other has two different 12"inch drivers.

    Also, since vinyl was present and what is left is a smooth shiny transparent glue left on the bottom, left/right side and top (front is somewhat solid and yellowish) I am concerned whether or not the stain and wood-glue will even stick to all of the surfaces. Thanks!
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    Can't really make out what it is printed on the back of those drivers other then energy something or other! A frontal or two pic of the drivers might help to..

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