Hi folks.
Just joined the forum, only to let you know that I built a pair of the SR71'S and must say I dont know what to say.They replaced an old pair of Infinities and there just isn't any way to explain how many notches up I've gone. They are at the end of a 11.5 x 20 ft room, running off a 100w Denon amp and my bluray player. I am absolutely dumbfounded at what I'm hearing. To say these are nice sounding seems a little lame, the things were slapped together with recycled shelving and glue with a few brads to hold it tight till the glue set up,fast and dirty dont care how they look. What I read about them, well lets say I was a bit sceptical, now I understand what people go through when they dont have an adequate vocabulary. This pair of speakers is stunning. People come over and say "those are doing that?".... Almost peed myself laughing when I heard that one. Heh.
The folks at Madisound delivered as promised and everything was in tip top shape. Came with just enough instructions that even a fool like me had no trouble at all building them. Took 2 days because of a messed up soldering iron, but they are playing exit-0 at the moment and boy oh boy.
If you'r thinking of building these, for the money, In my book you can not go wrong. The results are huge....unexplainable how well they do the job,just friggin awesome...
Thanx Zaph audio and Madisound you guy's let me rock.