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Thread: Cabaletta 3-way

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    Cabaletta 3-way

    Dan Neubeckers collaboration with Paul Kittinger for the Zaph Audio Design contest is partially documented @ But the box aesthetic (design) only shows external measurements. And the only volume reference is the 11 liter sealed midrange box. Is anyone aware of more detailed information on this speaker enclosure? Can I assume that the construction used 3/4" material? Any information on interior bracing or acoustic damping?

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    Hopefully someone else will chip in on this for you on internal bracing! You would most certainly want to use 3/4" MDF for the build! Dampning is usually done to suit taste and is usually a trial and error until you get it to your liking

    I did notice at the top of the page(link)(in orange) that any info might not be shared as yet???

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