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SEAS Loudspeakers

Product Lines

SEAS Excel T25CF-002 (E0011) Millennium Tweeter SEAS Excel W18NX-001 (E0042) Nextel Cone 7' Woofer Seas Excel Speakers
SEAS Prestige 27TTFNC/GW (H1461) 1' Titanium Dome Tweeter SEAS Prestige L12RCY/P (H1207) 4.5' Aluminum Cone Seas Prestige Speakers
SEAS Exotic T35 X3-06, Tweeter with Alnico Magnet SEAS Exotic W8 X2-08, 8' Woofer - Alnico Magnet Seas Exotic Speakers
Seas L26ROY 10' Subwoofer - 4 ohm Design by Seas

SEAS has developed an excellent reputation for developing high-end loudspeaker drivers that offer noticeably superior sound reproduction. SEAS is an employee owned Norwegian company. They were founded in 1950.

Make no mistake, the SEAS Prestige line represents a level of quality that is above the norm in terms of engineering, production and sound-quality. The SEAS EXCEL line, however, represents SEAS "no compromise" products and should be considered the best of the best.

SEAS Design Philosophy

The moving coil loudspeaker remains, by far, the most popular type of electro-acoustic transducer available today. SEAS designs and produces loudspeakers of this type exclusively; using the highest quality parts, the most sophisticated production techniques, and the highest skilled workforce. Our goal is to satisfy the most stringent requirements of the world’s most critical listeners.

At SEAS, we take pride in working at the highest levels of acoustic development. Much effort is placed into using materials and techniques that provide the finest audible results, even when this requires time consuming and challenging production processes. Many critical components are produced in-house; some of them by special purpose machinery designed and built in our own machine shop. One important advantage of this approach is the flexibility it affords us in meeting the ever-changing demands of our customers. Quality is key in every aspect of what SEAS does. Parts and materials purchased from outside vendors are closely monitored for tolerances and appearance, as are the parts produced and operations performed in-house.

Using sophisticated equipment and highly trained and experienced personnel, SEAS also tests each and every finished product to ensure it meets its specifications and performs flawlessly. All SEAS products are manufactured in compliance with the regulations of the EU RoHS directive. Finally, it is our goal to act towards our customers and suppliers in the same professional manner as SEAS does towards our products.

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