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SEAS Excel Premium Loudspeakers

SEAS Excel T25CF-002 (E0011) Millennium Tweeter Seas Excel Tweeters
SEAS Excel W18NX-001 (E0042) Nextel Cone 7' Woofer Seas Excel Midrange & Woofers
Nextel Cone
SEAS Excel W18E-001 (E0018) 7' magnesium Cone Woofer Seas Excel Woofers
Magnesium Cone

State of the Art Quality

The EXCEL product range was developed to satisfy the most critical demands of audiophiles and music lovers alike. EXCEL cone drivers range in diameter from 12 to 26 cm., and are built on rugged and precise injection molded zinc baskets. Magnesium and NEXTEL coated paper cone materials are available exclusively in the EXCEL line.

EXCEL Magnet Systems

EXCEL magnet systems utilize heavy copper rings above and below the gap that reduce flux modulation and eddy current distortion. Furthermore, a solid metal phase plug is used to facilitate heat transfer from the voice coil and pole piece to the outside air, thereby substantially reducing the coil temperature and subsequent voltage sensitivity modulation at high power levels.

EXCEL Tweeters

EXCEL tweeters are based on molded zinc or machined aluminum front plates that precisely align a field-replaceable diaphragm assembly to the magnet system and die-cast rear chamber. The result is a highly rigid, virtually non-resonant assembly that doubles as an effective heat sink for the tweeter voice coil. EXCEL tweeters are supplied with diaphragms made from textile fabric, aluminum, or high purity magnesium. All two-piece diaphragm assemblies utilize the SEAS exclusive SONOMAX surround material. Voice coils are wound from special high temperature wire, affixed to the input terminals using braided tinsel leads.

All EXCEL tweeters incorporate advanced motor designs. The “Millennium” tweeter was the first to take advantage of the SEAS patented Hexadym magnet system; a major advancement in transducer motor technology. The Hexadym system, based on 6 radially magnetized NdFeB blocks, allows for generous venting of the air volume behind the dome surround and inside the voice coil cavity, eliminating cavity resonances, and high-speed air noise. The SEAS new “Crescendo” and “Magnum” see below tweeters lift this technology even further by providing a stronger magnetic flux, resulting in tweeters with very high sensitivity. Finally, all EXCEL drivers are equipped with gold plated terminals for low contact resistance and high reliability.

Magnesium Cone Woofer with Copper Phase PlugE0018

Description: This SEAS EXCEL 7" woofer features a light, yet stiff magnesium cone for bass precision and midrange detail. The cone is attached to the magnesium cast frame by a natural rubber surround that shows no sign of midrange edge resonance. Heavy copper coils mounted above and below the T-shaped pole piece reduce non linear and inter-modulation distortion. The raised spider keeps the voice coil from bottoming out and also reduces noise caused by mechanical distortion. A large magnet system is used for improved sensitivity and transient response.

T25CF 001 PDF W18E-001 E018 PDF

"Magnum" EXCEL Tweeter


Description: The “MAGNUM” is a 25mm magnesium dome tweeter with a patented Neodymium based magnet system. It is the tweeter of choice for those who seek extremely precise and realistic sound reproduction combined with a relatively low crossover frequency.

T25CF 001 PDFT29MF-001 E004

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