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Scan Speak Speakers

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Scan-Speak About
Scanspeak Illuminator Speakers Design know-how reaches new levels of sound performance in Illuminator products. Powerful neodymium motors with under-hung voice coil configuration serve as uniting design elements. They provide large linear excursion capability. What’s more, an extensive use of SD (symmetric drive) copper caps ensures the lowest possible distortion throughout the excursion range of the speaker.
Scanspeak Revelator Speakers The Revelator family of drivers - tweeters, midwoofers, and subwoofers - has represented the Scan-Speak’s top-of-the-line collection for nearly two decades. It has consistently provided the best sounding products that money can buy.
Scanspeak Classic Speakers The Classic line consists of all the highly-regarded transducers that have been praised and loved by so many customers over the years. This family consists of a collection of star products developed over the years. They are speakers that fully live up to the heritage of the Scan-Speak brand. The longevity and strength of these designs has been proven through decades of sales and manufacturing.
Scanspeak Discovery Speakers Discovery is Scan-Speak's newest product line, which consists of a wide range of woofers, midrange, and tweeters, offers all the high-quality sound and build they are known for, but does so at a new price point. It's mission? To challenge new market segments and to make them discover what we're all about: the best of the best within transducers.

ScanSpeak Loudspeakers

Founded in 1970, Scan-Speak still resides at our original address in Videbaek, Denmark. Located in the heart of the Jutland peninsula, our acoustic engineers adhere to our legendary policy of "Never compromise". We never compromise on our product quality, sound quality or pursuit of perfection in a given application. We set the loudspeaker industry's gold standard for audiophiles, and are constantly viewed as a market benchmark by other high-end speaker manufacturers.

For close to 40 years, Scan-Speak has been on a quest to create transducers that reveal the finest details in recordings, concealing nothing from the listener. This quest has resulted in several revolutionary inventions, where distortion in the magnet systems and the moving parts of the speaker is minimised. Our philosophy is simple: the emitted sound must be dynamic, giving a transient response and providing tonal balance.

Scan-Speak transducers have righteously been called "the best that money can buy", and we agree fully. All our transducers are hand-built with the utmost attention to quality at their core. Their prices reflect this, providing solutions targeted towards high-end audiophile applications. Needless to say, Scan-Speak is dedicated to proving an unwavering high-quality in manufacturing. This is topped off by an ISO 2000-9001 quality assurance.

  • Scan-Speak is renowned for "sound performance first" commitment to quality.
  • Scan-Speak technology developments improve time-related performance while optimizing frequency response and reducing distortion.
  • Scan-Speak manufacturing capabilities are 'at the edge' of what is possible today. Among Scan-Speak innovations are the SD and SD-1 magnet system patents, as well as special cone and suspension designs.
  • Scan-Speak Revelator woofers, mid/woofers and tweeters provide an unsurpassed level of freedom and raise the bar on state-of-the-art transducers.

What is in a name?

Scan-Speak is written many different ways online. To help you find us better we are listing the variations:

  • ScanSpeak
  • Scan Speak
  • Scan-Speak


ScanSpeak Speakers

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